11 Pack Harris Ser Good Round Artist Paintbrush

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1 x 2mm, 1 x 3mm, 1 x 4mm, 1 x 5mm, 1 x 6mm, 1 x 7mm, 1 x 8mm, 1 x 9mm, 1 x 10mm, 1 x 11mm, 1 x 12mm Round Artist Paint Brushes

  • This Seriously Good paint brush set has been specially developed for painting detailed and intricate areas Ideal for hobbies and crafts
  • These paint brushes use an FSC Certified wooden handle* ensuring the wood used is of exceptional quality and supplied from a sustainable source This gives them a great feel in the hand for comfort and precision
  • A specially developed blend of filaments mean these paint brushes can be used with all paints including chalk paint
  • This brush set has been designed for use when painting intricate detail on upcycled furniture and other hobby projects
  • For best results rub brush with a clean hand before use to remove any dust particles Do not wet

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