20Mm Harris Ult Wwork Gloss Precision Paintbrush

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This Ultimate precision paint brush has been designed for use with oil-based paints such as Gloss Satin and Eggshell The Tri-Tech technology applies Gloss paint effortlessly giving you the ultimate finish.
Use the triangle head and pencil grip on this brush for precise painting with Gloss Satin and Eggshell paints.
The patented No-Loss* technology s no bristle loss while you are painting.
Use this brush to get a superior finish when painting with Gloss Satin and Eggshell on detailed sections of wooden trim such as skirting boards stair banisters panelled doors door architraves and furniture For best results rub the brush with a clean hand before use to remove any dust particles. Do not wet.
Keep this brush in top condition with the supplied reusable storage case that keeps the paint brush wet for up to 72 hours When the job is finished follow cleaning instructions on the paint tin *Bristle loss may occur if left to soak or in a damp area.

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