5 Litre Shed & Fence Stain OCP Slate Grey

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The superb Bird Brand Shed & Fence ‘One Coat Protection’ is a great coating for shed, fences and other garden timbers. Also this treatment:

Can be spray, roller or brush applied!
Safe around pets and plants.
Water repellent after 1 hour. Touch dry in 25 minutes.
It’s oxide pigments mean it can cover previous treatment (final colour may appear darker and need more than 1 generous coat).
Won’t crack or peel and can be applied over creosote and other treatments. (May require more than generous coat).
Can be applied on smooth timbers (if used lightly and with several coats)
It’s One Coat coverage means that one 5 Litre bucket can treat 7 fence panels of 6’ x 6’ size of grey/weathered timber.

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