Agri Drain Land Drainage Perforated Pipe 100mm

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Style: Perforated
Accreditations: BS4962
Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
This land drain is corrugated, black in colour and non-kitemarked making this an ideal cost-effective option for most projects. This flexible coil is made from 100% recycled HDPE, built for excellent water flow and allowing for easy and fast installation.
Perforated land drain is designed to collect surface water and commonly used in agricultural, domestic, commercial and industrial areas. It has small holes (perforations) throughout the pipe which allows the water to be dispersed. Great for waterlogged areas and useful for many applications including lawns, gardens, golf courses and sports fields. Land drainpipe is also popular within French Drain systems. To protect the pipe from surface traffic or maintained operations damage such as deep spiking, the minimum cover depth should be at least 450mm and the trench you dig should be wider than the diameter of the pipe.
Made in accordance with BS4962:1989 and manufactured in the UK by Naylor, provides the installer with a reliable product that will perform. This product is not suitable as a dispersal drain for septic tanks and it is not recommended to storage this product outside longer than 12 months, due to UV degradation which can cause damage.
We would recommend non-woven geotextile to line the trench during installation to prevent any blockages and the use of junctions if you are installing a herringbone system.

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