Black Ice Midi Bag Decorative Stone Chippings 14-20mm 20kg

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Available in single bags or for better value choose the multi bag option to get 5 x 20kg bags saving you £5.


Black Ice is an angular, 14-20mm sized chipping, with black & grey stones that deepen in colour when wet.

Ideal for driveways, rockeries and borders.


This exquisite aggregate combines the timeless elegance of the light and dark greys which darken up when wet and the subtle shimmer of ice-like crystals, creating a truly unique visual experience that captures both light and attention. Whether used in pathways, driveways, or garden features, this aggregate effortlessly complements both modern and traditional design aesthetics. The 20mm size of the aggregate makes it suitable for a range of applications. Use it to accentuate garden beds, create visually appealing pathways, or add a touch of luxury to water features. Its adaptable nature allows for both functional and decorative use.

Available in small & bulk bags




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