MAP-X Gas Cylinder 400g

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Use this MAP X gas cylinder from Vortex to fuel your blowtorch for metalwork heating jobs, such as brazing or soldering. The MAP X formula is a mixture of methylacetylene, propadiene and propane, created to burn 25% hotter than general propane gas. The gas is non-hazardous and can be bulk-stored without becoming a risk. The extra heat from the MAP X gas lets you complete soldering jobs quickly and with more energy efficiency.

Install the cylinder to the bottom of your blowtorch to transform the high-temperature gas into a hot, anti-flare flame. The container has a secure screw-on cap, so you can keep the gas tightly contained when not attached to your blowtorch. The tall cylinder comes in a lightweight container and gives you 400g of gas to keep you going for a range of soldering jobs.

• 400g non-refillable canister

• Highly flammable

• 25% hotter than propane

• Ideal for brazing or soldering

• Stabilised from -30°C +65°C

• British Standard: EN 12205

• Wear suitable protective gloves in use and when attaching nozzle

• Sale will be restricted to over-18s


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