Hardwood Kiln Dried Logs - Bulk Bag

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Locally sourced kiln dried hardwood logs packaged in our large bulk bags holding on average 0.65 cubic metres.

Being fully dried these logs provide the ultimate clean burn to keep you appliance in the best possible condition, with maximum heat output with ease of lighting and very little mess.

These logs are 'Ready To Burn Certified' with an average moisture content of just 17%.

This means a low moisture content, and a clean, high quality burn when used in open fires, fire pits and chimineas.

Under the Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020 that now apply in England, wood fuel sold in volumes under 2m3 must be certified as Ready to Burn.


These will be crane dropped in an open top bag and will need to be immediately stored in sheltered / well ventilated conditions to prevent getting wet.

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