PSM1A Polystorm-R Water Soakaway Unit / Crate

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Dimensions: 1000mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 400mm (H)

Crates Per m3: 5

Void Ratio: 95%

Storage Volume: 190L per crate

Compressive Strength: Maximum 61 Tonne

Approvals: BBA


This Polypipe PSM1A soakaway crate, also known as Polystorm-R is designed for not only soakaway applications but also for attenuation cells. They can be used in non-trafficked and trafficked areas, ideal for housing, car parks, driveways, commercial and infrastructure projects. The PSM1A is a well-established product in the underground drainage and SUDS industry. It is very easy to install this modular cell system, making it one of the most popular cellular soakaway crate options in the UK. Each PSM1A crate unit includes 4 clips and 2 shear connectors.


Polystorm crates can be quickly combined to create a robust flexible tank under hard surfaces, allowing you to store water channelled from surface drains and building guttering with an interlocking mechanism. PSM1A crates offer a bespoke approach to subsurface water storage, giving contractors and specifiers the opportunity to create unique designs to suit the exact demands of their development or project.


For a soakaway system, it is highly recommended to install your soakaway crates with a non-woven geotextile or protection fleece. This ensures that you protect the crates from being clogged up by debris, yet still allowing water to pass through. If you are installing an attenuation tank system, in addition to the geotextile you will need to use a geomembrane to ensure the water is retained within the attenuation cells.


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