SO65 Reducer Soil to Waste 110mm x 60mm (Requires Boss)

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POLYPIPE Ring Seal (Push-Fit) Soil & Vent Fitting - 110mm x 60mm Soil to Waste Concentric Reducer; Black.

Please note: This fitting requires a boss adaptor.

Product features:

- Polypipe Soil & Vent: Ring Seal Soil & Vent concentric reducer to waste - fits into a socketed fitting and requires a boss adaptor to allow 110mm soil pipe to receive 32, 40 or 50mm waste pipe.
- Connections: Spigot (fits into another socketed pipe, fitting or connector) x Waste Socket (requires boss adaptor).
- Dimensions: 110mm (4'') x 60mm.
- Colour: Black.
- Note: Polypipe soil and waste systems are suitable for short intermittent discharges of hot and cold water in normal domestic installations in the UK.

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